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Always a lesson in every bad situation. :)

Being in a relationship is not that easy. There are happiness, joy, tears, pain, and arguments.. To my love and my baby, I experienced all of these in you.. Don’ take this against you baby. Because all i want you to know is i’m blessed because you are the one who taught me these things. :) I will never be as i am without the lesson and experienced you gave me. Having an argument with you is pain in the neck.. But i’s rather take that pain than seeing you with somebody else. I hope as we talked about these lessons thingy we can use it for us to grow individually, and we will use these lessons to be strong and be a better person. All i can say is.. I can’t stay mad at you. I maybe have this so called pride.. I maybe always leaving you when we have arguments. I maybe stupid for doing silly things when i’m pissed. But baby i just wanted you to know.. You can’t find any girl who loves and care for you like i do.. :) I’m so thankful that you are my best budd, brother and a boyfriend.. because i know i can’t find better than you. Sorry for all the mess up that i made, for all the mistakes, for all the pain that i gave.. But in the end of all of these i learned that always keep on trying for someone you love.. Never talk when you are mad..  keep it as an inspiration to keep going, and especially strive and strive harder to fix the problem in the relationship.. I CAN’T LOSE YOU MY LOVE.. I’D RATHER TAKE ALL THE PAIN.. AS LONG AS I’M WITH YOU. ITS BECAUSE I CAN’T SEE YOU WITH SOMEBODY ELSE. :)

How are you able to fight in the relationship when the other ones seems like giving up on you..


We all have these problems that we smile away at day time, and we cry to sleep at night.

Fucked up feelings..

Seems like everything is turning upside down.. Full of problems family and lovelife shit. :( Why is it like this every fucking time.. Lagi sumasabay :( i cant. huhu taena

Never stop loving because loving is the life itself :)

Never stop loving because loving is the life itself :)

Hooray for 3rd month!! =)) i know its not exactly our 3rd month. But still i want to post something that will make your heart melt. :)) Its been awhile since the 1st day we met.. Remember that moment? November 20, 2013.. In the glimpse of an eye i know in that moment that you are something special that i cant find with other guys. I just cant look to you straight in the eye that moment because i don’t know if you find me pretty or not.. These pictures that i posted is one of the best pictures we have. Tho we have so many pictures together.. Kasi sobrang vain mo lang. HAHAHA kidd =))) but srsly.. Here’s my message for you, because you put so much effort in that video.. I didn’t expect something i’ll receive so much love from you.. I know i wouldn’t regret saying “yes” when you asked me that day.. because i feel it in my heart that you are the one that i need.. Thank you so much for everything Mat. For putting so much patience in me, even when you are so tired and i’m so hyper you keep on talking to me just to make me feel i’m special.. kahit sobrang gulo ko, pag sinusungitan kita ng walang dahilan kasi lagi mo ko inaasar -__- hindi ka nagsasawa na suyuin at lapitan ako. :( I’m just so blessed God gave me someone like you.. :”) Who will always be there no matter what, who will have so much patience in me, who will love me for who i am, who will accept my flaws, who will always stays on my side even others are against me… I can find those in you Mat.  I’m so grateful to be your Patuts. HAHAHA. Kahit lagi mo ko niyayamot =)) kahit lagi mo ko pinipikon ok lang sakin :’) as long as ikaw ang gagawa nun. I cant say anything more.. Words aren’t enough how much i love you.. Even tho we’re just 3 months palang.. We have so many good memories with us… :’) we travel this far, and i know we can travel more than this. :’) we conquered the saddest moments in our relationship and i know we will carry and hold on to this relationship until our last breath… How can i say last breath? Because i’m really hoping that you are really the one for me. Many months and years to us. :”“”) we’ve got this far and no one can stop us.. :’) Thanks for everything baby! For all the efforts that you’ve given just to make me feel special.. Yung antok na antok kana pero you’ll wait for me. Para sabay tayo :’) those little things that youre doing for me.. That’s enough to make me feel that i’m really that special to you. I love you so much baby. I really do. :’) HAPPY BELATED 3rd MONTH =)) Thanks for everything. ;’) i swear to mother earth and papa god and to anyone baby we are infinite :) :*